Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien joins Perth cast

When the Rocky Horror Show returns to the Crown Theatre in early 2018 Perth audiences are in for a very special treat. Richard O’Brien, the creator of the show, will be part of the cast.

Aside from creating the much loved musical, O’Brien played the character of Riff Raff in the original 1973 stage production and also went on to play the character in the film version.

In subsequent theatrical productions he’s played the lead role of Frank N Furter, but when  the show get’s to Perth he’ll be the Narrator. OUTinPerth spoke to O’Brien ahead of the tour.

O’Brien assured us that the young cast members wouldn’t be facing any additional pressure by having the creator of the legendary show among them.

No, it’s absolutely fine. The young people today are so self assured, and so much more all round professionals than we were back in the day

“They have such complete confidence in what they do – not arrogantly so, but bordering upon it,- which is delightful. They are just so confident.

The creator of the show is full of praise for leading man Craig McLachlan (pictured), who has played the title character of Frank N Furter many times over the last two decades. O’Brien lists off McLachlan’s many positive attributes.   

“Craig brings ‘Craig’ to the stage, and Craig McLachlan leaves a wake of happy people behind him. Not only on stage, but in the street, in the restaurants. Everywhere I’ve been with Craig, out there in the real world, he has the gift of making people feel special, he has the gift of brightening people’s day.

“He’s completely without any pretension. No diva kind of attitude, very accessible, hugely talented musician, knows his craft, he takes to the stage and takes no prisoners, it’s just delightful.”

Read our interview with Richard O’Brien in the December issue of OUTinPerth magazine, and catch the show when it arrives at the Crown Theatre in February 2018.

Graeme Watson

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