Róisín Murphy announces new album; releases ‘Mastermind’


Ireland’s queen of the avant-garde Róisín Murphy has announced her new album, ‘Take Her Up To Monto’, will be released this July.

The former Moloko frontwoman has forged a successful and varied solo career with her soulful, contralto vocals and unique visual style.

Since returning to the creative process in 2014 with ‘Mi Senti’ and 2015 with Mercury Prize nominated ‘Hairless Toys’, Murphy continues to re-invent her sound with each album, all while staying true to her signature Róisín sound.

Watch Murphy’s self-directed 2015 video ‘Unputdownable’ 

‘Hairless Toys’ may have served as an introduction to Murphy’s new sound, as opposed to the clanging, tribal sound of 2005’s ‘Ruby Blue’, or the oozing electronic ballads of 2007’s ‘Overpowered’. Murphy has drawn inspiration from dark cabaret, classic house, disco and pop for her latest sublime Frankenstein monster, ‘Take Her Up To Monto’.

The album’s title is a nod to her Irish identity, taking it from a classic folk song popularised by The Dubliners, which her father used to sing to her.

“It’s me and my rhythm. It’s very simple, really – but very complicated,” she says.

Though the inspiration comes from her motherland, Murphy says the album is about the London she lives in.

“Less reference, a more aggressively modern aesthetic,” she says.

“It’s a lot about architecture, it’s about building and the future coming, its about here! It’s a bit fizzier and more present tense, irreverent, with guerilla filming, montage and crazy shit. I hope it’s a realism that makes you feel good about being alive.”

Her first offering from this years release is ‘Mastermind’, a crawling disco epic that opens the upcoming album. Check it out below.

‘Take Her Up To Monto’ will be released worldwide on July 8th. 

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