Röyksopp release third album in dreamy ‘Profound Mysteries’ trilogy

Röyksopp are ready for the arrival of Profound Mysteries III, and the end of the acclaimed Profound Mysteries series, with another magical banger featuring the vocal talents of Susanne Sundfør.

Drawing inspiration from their love for Depeche Mode proudly, Stay Awhile demonstrates the musical chemistry between Röyksopp and Sundfør.

According to Röyksopp’s Svein Berge & Torbjørn Brundtland, “Stay Awhile deals with solitude, longing and the basic human need for intimacy.”

Profound Mysteries III will be released on Friday, November 18 and features guest appearances from Alison Goldfrapp, Maurissa Rose, Astrid S, Jamie Irrepressible, Pixx and the aforementioned Susanne Sundfør.

Speaking about Profound Mysteries III, Berge & Brundtland said it “… concludes our triple album endeavor.”

“Beneath its golden, shimmering sheen, lie levels of ambiguity and contrast; the sweet and the harrowing, the wonderful and the wrong. We are human, we dream.”

Profound Mysteries III is out now.

Image: Stian Anderen

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