Russian politician says Peppa Pig is part of a “LGBT hybrid war”

A Russian politician has declared children’s cartoon Peppa Pig is part of a “hybrid war” that targets youth and undermines “traditional values”

Alexander Khinshtein appeared on Russian state television taking aim at films and television programs that have gay characters, saying they are part of coordinated assault on Russian family values.

Alongside Peppa Pig he highlighted the long running cartoon South Park and the film Call Me by Your Name.

“LGBT is nowadays a tool of hybrid war, and in that hybrid war, we must protect our traditional values.” Khinshtein said.

The cartoon Peppa Pig recently featured a new character Penny Polar Bear. Penny was hanging out with Danny Dog and Suzi Sheep, each sketching a picture of their family. Penny Polar Bear shared that she had two mothers, one who is a doctor, and another who cooks spaghetti.

Khinshtein said the films and television he highlighted were propaganda, describing Call Me by Your Name as a love story between a boy and a man, while South Park features a pedophile Chef.

Back in 2006 South Park creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone fell out with singer Isaac Hayes, who voiced the character of Chef. They wrote him out the show by turning his character into a pedophile and killing off the character.

The comments were picked up by the BBC’s Francis Scarr, who describes himself as someone who watched Russian television, so you don’t have to.

The MPs comments come as the Russian government announces it will be tightening up its laws that prevent reference of LGBTIQA+ people and relationships being presented to younger people.

Speaking of the proposed update to the laws Khinshtein reportedly said it was to protect Russian citizens from positive descriptions of pedophilia or homosexuality.

The law maker said suggestions that Russian literature, such as Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, might be banned in the future were unfounded. 

Lolita by Nabokov will not be propaganda, as no readers will want to repeat the tragic fate of Humbert or Lolita.” Khinshtein said.

It seems that fictional speaking polar bears happily eating spaghetti with same-sex parents are unacceptable though.

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