SA Introduces Marriage Equality Bill


Pictured: Susan Close

Today a state bill for marriage equality will be introduced in the lower house by South Australian  Labor backbencher, Susan Close.

Close has verified the legality of the Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013, claiming that the bill can legally be passed in South Australian parliament.  

The bill’s legality has been backed by Premier Jay Weatherill, who will vote in favour of the bill.

“I accept that there may be contrary legal views. Ultimately, questions of constitutionality are resolved by the High Court in the event that someone decides to challenge a law”.

If passed, SA willl become the first Australian state to legislate same-sex marriage.

Australian Marriage Equality South Australian convener, Harley Schumann, welcomed the bill,

“The Bill would allow the South Australian parliament to achieve what it has just congratulated New Zealand for achieving”, Mr Schumann said.

“We look to South Australia leading the way on this important reform should similar legislation continue to fail in the federal parliament.”

The majority of the South Australian Upper House has shown support for marriage equality, yesterday a motion congratulating New Zealand Parliament for passing same-sex marriage was passed 11 votes to 10.  

The motion was supported by two liberal members, Stephen Wade and Michelle Lensink.

“We welcome the co-operative, cross-party support which allowed this motion to pass and congratulate supporters of the motion for their thoughtful and heartfelt contributions”, said Schumann.

“The vote sends the message that South Australia is a progressive and inclusive community.”

Follow the introduction of the bill.

 Nadine Walker  


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