Sage Pbbbt ready to launch ‘Invocations of Unknown Entities’

Musician Sage Pbbbt is set to launch a fresh new musical offering, a new CD titled Invocations of Unknown Entities.

The CD will be launched on Tuesday night at the 459 Bar at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth. ON the line up for the launch night are Hi OK Sorry, Laura Strøbech, Filth Godness and Sage Pbbbt.

Sage Pbbbt’s debut CD release explores an improvisation practice influenced by extreme metal as well as various different shamanic music traditions that have a much more fluid sense of rhythm. Within it she explores a music that resembles a waterfall or fast-flowing stream or busy freeway—a chaotic, overwhelming sound, but with a constant sense of flux and flow.

The release is available as a 2CD in a card gatefold, or as a limited deluxe edition of 5 inside a 3D-printed, laser-cut (and numbered) box, containing a bonus CD-R, zine, poster, uncharged sigil of unknown intent, and a bar of premium single-origin Chuao 80% dark chocolate.

Describing the new work Pbbbt said she had taken inspiration from a variety of sources.

“I also took particular inspiration from left-hand path spiritual traditions and the driving forces of black metal—the desire to explore extremes, the investigation of transgression and the antinomianist stance.

“I feel interested in inhabiting these spaces as a queer, trans woman, given that some expressions of these stances can read like the hedonism of the privileged at the expense of those who have less privilege precisely because of normative and authoritarian systems antinomianist positions nominally critique.” Pbbt said on her website.

You’ll be able to buy copies of the CD at the performance on Tuesday night, or it can also be purchased online.

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