Sally Rugg files claim against independent MP Dr Monique Ryan

High profile LGBTIQA+ activist Sally Rugg is taking her employer Dr Monique Ryan to court over claims that the MP tried to dismiss her from her job after she refused to work “additional hours that were unreasonable.”

Rugg is best know for her role in the YES campaign for marriage equality. Rugg was a employed by activist organisation GetUp! She later went on to be the Director of and then worked on the campaign to call a Royal Commission into the influence of the Murdoch media empire.

When independent MP Dr Monique Ryan was elected to parliament last year, unseating Treasurer Josh Friedenberg in the seat of Kooyong, Rugg was hired to serve as Ryan’s Chief of Staff. Six months into the role Rugg has taken both Ryan and the Commonwealth to the Federal Court.

The Australian has revealed that the complaint filed seeks an injunction to prevent Rugg from being sacked, as well as a declaration that the Commonwealth and Dr Ryan contravened the Fair Work Act. She is seeking compensation and pecuniary penalties and acknowledgement that the “unreasonable additional hours” constitute a breach of national employment standards.

Rugg is represented by lawyers Josh Bornstein, Angus Mackenzie and Emily Creak of Maurice Blackburne. While the Commonwealth and Dr Ryan will be represented by legal firm Sparke Helmore. An interlocutory hearing of the case is scheduled for this Friday 3rd February before Justice Debra Mortimer.

Dr Ryan has told the media she is unable to comment on the case, and both legal teams have declined to comment on the case. OUTinPerth has approach Sally Rugg for comment.

OIP Staff

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