Same-Sex Relationships Workshop in Perth

workshopRelationships Australia is offering a work shop specifically designed for gay men to explore and improve their relationships. The organiser Colin Longworth spoke to OUTinPerth about what the workshop entails, and encouraged couples to head down.

“It’s about building gay male relationships, improving them. Its objectives are to understand the phases of relationships, look at the anatomy of relationships, and learn what creates harmony. We also look at the differences and similarities between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships.

“It’s suitable for any guys in a relationship who want to improve the dynamics of their relationships. There are three parties of a relationship; there are the two people in the relationship and the relationship itself. They can look at that sort of stuff and get them to look at issues that they’d never thought about before to help them strengthen their relationship”

Longworth came up with the idea of an inclusive same-sex workshop after spending 30+ years working on phone counselling lines for GLCS.

“As a result I ended up speaking with Elizabeth Brennan who runs some of the courses… we got together and discussed the possibility of modifying one of the current courses that Relationships Australia had and doing it for same-sex couples”.

The small workshop will be running from August 16-18. Find more information here. Mention OUTinPerth when you make your booking and receive a $40 discount off the cost of the workshop.

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