Scott Morrison says he does not believe gay people will go to hell

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has clarified that he does not personally believe that gay people go to hell.

During a campaign stop in Perth yesterday the Prime Minister said he was now supportive of marriage equality because it is the law of the land, but would not be drawn on whether he personally believes gay people go to hell.

The question to Australia’s first pentecostal Prime Minister follows rugby player Israel Folau being threatened with termination of his employment contract after he posted a statement about gay people going to to hell to his social media account.

Yesterday Scott Morrison said he kept his personal religious beliefs separate from his responsibilities as a politician, but today he released a written statement to journalists travelling with his campaign clearly stating he does not believe God sends gay people to hell.

HIs response follows a comment from Labor leader Bill Shorten who said the PM’s failure to answer the question was another reason for people to move from “madness of division and toxicity.” with the Liberal party.

“No, I do not believe that,” the Prime Minister said in response.

“It was a desperate, cheap shot from Bill Shorten who is looking to distract attention from his housing tax that will undermine the value of people’s homes.”

Campaigning in Tasmania Shorten said it was disappointing that the political discourse had reached a point where this was a topic of debate.

“I cannot believe in this election that there is a discussion even underway that gay people will go to hell.

“I cannot believe that the Prime Minister has not immediately said that gay people will not go to hell. This country needs to really lift itself and the political debate and coverage needs to lift itself in the next four days.”

The Prime Minister was one of several coalition MPs who opted to abstain from voting on the legislation that allowed same-sex marriage. He left the chamber before the vote was conducted.

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