SCREAM QUEEN: Chillerama

Chillerama, which will be out on DVD in Australia soon, is a horror/comedy anthology that goes out of its way to be as offensive as possible, kind of like a Republican Presidential nominee. The four-some of fearsome films offered here are loving send ups of classic horror films from the Fifties through Eighties.

During the wrap-around segment named Zom-B-Movie  Cecil Kaufman, played by gay actor Richard Riehle, is screening the 3 films we’re about to see.  However, the  projectionist  has his…er… zoom lens… bitten off by his undead wife, and is infected with ‘demon semen’, that turns all who touch it into horny zombies who are less interested in eating brains than they are in a disturbingly literal take on ‘boning’.

Wadzilla spoofs fifties monster films.  After our hero Adam Rifkin goes to his doctor about his low sperm count, he has one single swimmer in his sample, his doctor (Ray Wise from Twin Peaks) puts him on an experimental drug to radically increase his sperm count. Only instead of making him produce more, it makes the one sperm he does produce grow alarmingly in size until it becomes a ravenous monster the size of something King Kong might spurt out if Naomi Watts had followed through on her teasing.

I was a Teenage Were-Bear is Sean-Paul Lockhart’s (aka gay porn star Brent Corrigan) second non-horizontal role. He plays Rick, a deeply closeted young surfer type who is brought howling out of the closet by Talon (Anton Troy) an Edward Cullen-esque gay man who turns into a hairy, leather clad daddy every full moon! A hilarious and romantic spoof of Gidget movies, with Corrigan showing us his pipes in a different way… he sings!

The Diary of Ann Frankenstein is Chillerama’s highlight. A hilariously crass black and white short in which Hitler (a movie-stealing Joel David More from Avatar) attempts to create an undead monster to win the war. Unfortunately, he uses Jewish body parts, with literal- and figurative- side splitting results. One of the best moments features the entire cast speaking subtitled German- save Moore, who makes up his own German off the cuff.

Written by Gavin Pitts

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