Second Poll Reaffirms Equal Marriage Support

Same Sex MArriage

It was reported yesterday that a survey carried out by Crosby/Textor showed that support for equal marriage amongst Australians is at an all time high.

A second poll, this time carried out by Newspoll, has reaffirmed the high level of support for equal marriage rights across the population.

Newspoll measured the percentage of Australians supporting Marriage Equality at 68%, which is 4% less than Crosby/Textor’s total of 72%. However, both studies indicate a significant increase from the previous high found by Galaxy of 64%.

Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome made the following comments about the research:

“Newspoll has confirmed what we already knew from the Crosby/Textor research, the community debate on marriage equality is over and it’s time for politicians to act.” Croome said.

“We call on MPs to work together across party boundaries to achieve a reform the Australian people are firmly behind in ever greater numbers.”

AME deputy director Ivan Hinton added:

“A great majority of Australians have opened their hearts to the issue of marriage equality, realising it will bring benefits to many families around the country and causes no harm to no one.”

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