Sen Simms: The ACL’s contribution is homophobia and transphobia

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The Greens Senator Robert Simms has labeled the Australian Christian Lobby labeling them as an extreme fringe group that promotes sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

The South Australian senator gave an impassioned speech defending the anti-bulling campaign the Safe School’s coalition and the work of youth organisation Minus 18. Last month the ACL launched a national campaign to close down the program.

Senator Simms said the claims by the ACL that the Safe Schools program taught teenagers gay and lesbian techniques were absurd. Senator Simms said that he was reluctant” to give the organisations views any more attention but the organisation should be held to account.

“The ACL should be held to account for the homophobia that they fan in our community. They should held to account for the brazen lies that they tell and the misinformation that they spread.” Senator Simms said.

The senator said that despite it’s name the ACL did not represent Christians in Australia describing them as an extreme fringe group that promotes a world view that is dangerous and divisive.

“I guess I should be surprised that the ACL have taken aim at an organisation that seeks to combat bullying, given that they promote sexisim, homophobia and transphobia – the very currency of bullies. That’s there stock in trade, that’s the business model of the ACL.” Senator Simms said.

Yesterday The Green’s senator delivered a speeck encouraging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to drop the proposed Marriage plebiscite proposal.

Watch the video of the Senator’s speech below.