Same Sex Marriage Good for Your Health, According to Science

Same Sex MArriage

The New England Journal of Medicine, known by many as one of the most prestigious and conservative medical journals in the world, has published an article suggesting that the legalization of same sex marriage has health benefits for LGBT people.

The article, written by Gilbert Gonzales, states that in states where same sex marriage is legal, lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in legally recognized relationships had fewer mental health care visits and expenditures.

In addition to this, the article also pointed out that the legalization of same sex marriage gave LGBT people better access to health insurance, as they are able to gain access to employer-sponsored health plans that are available to spouses. According to the 2012 Employer Health Benefits Survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust, only 42% of companies with over 200 employees offer health insurance for same sex partners. When same sex marriage is made legal, some of these companies that offer employer-sponsored health insurance are required to treat married same sex couples as they would married opposite sex couples. This can also benefit children who are being raised by same sex parents.

Gonzales stated that because same sex marriage improves access to healthcare of LGBT spouses and families, as well as the mental health benefits of living in an environment where one’s orientation and gender identity are legally recognized and protected by government, same sex marriage is an important health policy issue.

“I believe that the health benefits associated with same-sex marriage should be considered in the ongoing debates occurring in legislative chambers, election contests, and federal and state courtrooms.”

Sophie Joske

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