Shamir releases ‘I Wonder’ ahead of his new album dropping

Shamir has another new tune, I Wonder, is the second single from their forthcoming seventh album which is going to be self-titled.

The new record is out in October. Since releasing their debut record just a few years ago the prolific artists has released a succession of independent albums and embraced a lo-fi fizzy rock sound.

In a recent interview with AnOther Shamir shared that they see each record as being a snapshot of where he is in life, and fans can take a journey with him through each of his albums. Since releasing the dance orientated Rachet, they have opted for more experimental and raw sounds, but this new collection of tunes is a return to more pop orientated song writing.

“I’m trying to make a whole body of work. I feel like when I’m done with music, you’ll be able to start with Ratchet and work your way up and, essentially, piece my life together, which is what I’ve always wanted.” Shamir said.

Take a listen to their latest song. 

OIP Staff

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