Social media make-up star Ethan Is Supreme dies aged 17

Social media star Ethan is Supreme has died aged just 17. His family confirmed his passing saying he was found unresponsive in his bedroom. While there is no official cause of death, they said he is suspected of dying of a drug overdose.

Ethan Peters, best known as YouTuber Ethan is Supreme, died at his Houston area home on Sunday. The teenager had amassed a large following of devotees to his videos where he delivered makeup tutorials.

Peters first found success creating an meme focused Instagram account called Betch. When it had 1.3 million followers he sold it for $25,000, he was just 13 at the time. He later went on to create his YouTube channel that has a large following on Instagram and YouTube.

Peters had previously spoken about how he was asked to leave his religious based school because of his homosexuality.

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