Soft Cell return with their first album in almost two decades

Electronic music duo Soft Cell are pretty much guaranteed constant radio airplay thanks to their massive 1981 hit Tainted Love, but the duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball have created a wealth of memorable music over their long careers both individually and together.

In 2022 their going to be putting out a new album, it’ll be there first work in almost two decades. *Happiness Not Included will be released in February 2002, and first single Bruises On My Illusions is about to be released.

The new album will be the fifth in their five decade long career following Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (1981), The Art of Falling Apart (1983), This Last Night in Sodom (1984) and Cruelty Without Beauty (2002).

Additionally singer Marc Almond has put out a whopping 25 albums as a solo artist, while instrumentalist Dave Ball has put out a couple albums under his own name, while also being one half of electronic band The Grid, who have 7 albums in their discography.

The new single features mixes by The Grid, plus Manhattan Clique, a ‘Nighthawks’ remix courtesy of Throbbing Gristle legends Chris & Cosey and extended versions of album tracks *Happiness Not Included and Heart Like Chernobyl plus bonus track Vapourise.

The band recently performed album track Heart Like Chernobyl at an event at London’s Tate Modern.

Soft Cell will be previewing tracks from *Happiness Not Included alongside their greatest hits, as well as performing their 1981 debut album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret in full for the first time in a series of live shows in the UK .

OIP Staff

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