Sonia Kruger: Scholarships for LGBT students is reverse discrimination

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TV host Sonia Kruger has criticised a leading provider of educational scholarships for offering specific assistance to LGBTI students.

“It feels like reverse discrimination to me.” Kruger told Karl Stefanovic on this mornings edition of the ‘Today’ program.

“To ask a student if they identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual, you’re asking somebody about their sexual preferences and I find that that is a really odd thing to do.” Kruger said.

Kruger said people should not be asked about their sexuality in any capacity, and it should have nothing to do with the awarding of educational scholarships.

Kruger said that while she appreciated transgender people were a minority who suffered, the same did not apply for people because of their sexuality.

Kruger’s co-host David Campbell said he disagreed with Kruger and described the scholarship from the Australian Business and Community Network as “not a big deal”.

It’s not the first time debates on the program have drawn attention for the hosts opinions, two weeks ago Kruger was criticised for her comments about banning Muslims from immigrating to Australia.

Last week host Karl Stefanovic labeled himself “a complete tool” after he used a transphobic slur during an interview with the show’s crew covering the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

ABCN criticised for asking students about their sexuality

The discussion of the TODAY show was sparked by an article in The Australian newspaper which highlighted that the Australian Business Community Network had included a questions about students gender identity and sexuality on their application form.

The Australian said the inclusion of the questions had launched “fresh concerns about the creeping influence of LGBTI rights activism on schools.”

In 2016, the organisation which is backed by major business including the Commonwealth Bank, Citi, Fuji Xerox and many others, is offering a specific grant for LGBTIQ+ students in Year 10 of their secondary education.

The offering of a $7000 scholarship, which is dispersed over a three year period,  has been criticised by conservative organisation Family Voice Australia.

Damian Wyld, national policy officer for Family Voice Australia, told The Australian that the awarding of education scholarships based on sexuality as another example of ideological activism making its way into schools.

“Why should children, especially in a school setting, be asked to declare their sexuality or gender identity?” Wyld said.

Wyld said the scholarship was a financial incentive that encouraged students to identify as gay, lesbian bisexual, intersex or transgender.

“Many 15-year-olds are still working through issues around sexuality. Offering a financial ­incentive to identify as ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex’ is completely inappropriate.”

ABCN was contacted for comment. 



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