Sophie York: People with low IQ’s need how to vote cards

High profile Liberal party member Sophie York has argued that it’s essential that ‘How to Vote’ cards are retained at election booths so the elderly and people with low IQ’s can be persuaded to cast their votes for the party.

York, a delegate at the party’s national conference, said it was important to keep the flyers with candidates photographs because not all of the elderly and people with low IQ’s vote for Labor.

‘We assume everyone is interested in politics, but a lot of people they have no interest, they don’t even know who their local federal member is. They need a piece of paper in front of them with the picture of their local federal member and with the picture of the leader, usually that we hope to have for that term.

“I think it’s important for literary types to have a piece of paper to read, for elderly people, for people with low IQs,

York spoke to SKY News reporter Samantha Maiden outside the conference and said she stood by her comments.

The Liberal party member is best known as the spokesperson for The Marriage Alliance the organisation that campaigns against marriage equality and transgender rights.

Earlier this year York said that Airbnb’s marriage equality ring might cause occupational health and safety concerns because of it’s design.

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