On the Spot – Harley Bannister

Harley BannisterWe bumped into Harley Bannister when we were out and about, so we asked him a stack of random questions.

What are you scared of? Spiders

What is under your bed? A Swag

Who is your idol? Gaga

Recommend a good book?  Our Little Secret

Who is the best cartoon mouse? Mickey, Danger or Mighty? Mickey Mouse

What is your power animal? An Eagle

If you were to name a new colour of yellow, what would it be called? Sunrise

What movie do you watch over and over? Titanic

Do you have any tattoos? A Cross on my foot and a geometric design on the top of my calf.

Would you like to live in a lighthouse? No, I’d be scared

How much is too much? Any point that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What should never be worn in public? Crocs.