State Election 2021: Rainbow Futures WA want to hear from you

With a state election just around the corner, newly formed LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Rainbow Futures WA (RFWA) want to hear from you.

RFWA has grown out of a series of community gatherings and events, bringing together members of LGBTQIA+  groups and individuals around the state with a shared mission to ensure the long term viability of WA based services and organisations.

The group’s first official steering committee includes a number of active and well-known local LGBTQIA+ advocates and community members; Emery Wishart, Misty Farquhar, Bella Broadway, Paul Benson, Michelle Hunter, Deborah Costello, Kai Schweizer, Sarah Collins and Gayatrii Surendorff.

RFWA’s first information was held during PrideFEST this November, and you can view our livestream of the event below.

RFWA, with support from national advocacy group Equality Australia, have launched a survey to hear what our LGBTQIA+ communities and allies want to see from WA’s next state government.

Our next state election is due to be held on Saturday 13th March, 2021.

To fill out the survey, follow this link and fill out the questions.

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