Stephen Fry shares his recovery journey from stage fall

Much loved actor, thinker and television personality Stephen Fry has shared that he’s recovering from his injuries after having a serious fall from a stage earlier this year.

Fry spoke to BBC Radio 2 three months after he suffered his injuries, and revealed that he’d broken his leg, pelvis and a few ribs. The horiffic accident saw Fry rushed to hospital by ambulance and there had been little detail about his injuries until now.

“I did my bow after delivering this lecture, turned to go off stage and didn’t realise that I was walking off the part of the stage where there was nothing – just a six-foot drop onto concrete,” he said.

“I broke my right leg in a couple of places and my hip and pelvis in four places and a bunch of ribs. I’m now fine. I’m now without a stick.” the actor shared saying he was well on the way to being fully recovered.

Fry told the host Claudia Winkelman he was just grateful that he’d not damaged his spine or skull in the accident.

“The person treating me told me he was treating a patient who had fallen on the same day as me, half the distance, and would never walk again”, he said. “So I really praise my lucky stars. If it had been the spine or the skull who knows”.

Fry will soon be back on our television screens as he hosts a new version of the quiz show Jeopardy. He’s the host of a British version of the show but will also concurrently film an Australian version.

The Australian version will be filmed in Britain, and Aussie ex-pats will be recruited to be the contestants. The show is expected to be on Channel Nine in 2024.

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