Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done

Sadly my time at OUTinPerth has come to an end. I have had the pleasure of working with a plethora of fabulous people over the last two years and I just could not step away without acknowledging them…

In every LGBT community, it’s the people that make all the difference and Perth is no exception. Those who work tirelessly (and often voluntarily) within Perth’s LGBT organisations constantly leave me in awe of their dedication and commitment to our diverse community. Without them we would not have the venues, sporting teams, support networks and major events that we sometimes take for granted.

And it’s not just the people behind the scenes that make our community what it is. Whether it’s major annual events such as Fairday and the Pride Parade or fledgling groups and parties, those who simply attend and show support help to grow and strengthen our community.

A very special thanks must be given to all of the staff and those connected with the production of OUTinPerth. The incomparable Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Benn Dorrington, Ollie Pincott, Katie Cameron and Conny Curtin, thanks for the laughs, love and larrikinism. Simone and Ren, thanks for putting up with us all. Liz and Jaz, thanks for your hard work on design et al. Thanks to Paul and our rag-tag distribution crew. Mikey, thanks for the teen angst… photos and million other little tasks. Thank you to all of OUTinPerth’s contributors, both from the east coast and here in Perth.

I wish you all a very merry, safe and love-filled holiday season!