Striking Danish Furniture Pops Up in the City

DSC_0007Purveyors of classic Danish Furniture Revival Hill have opened up a ‘pop up shop’ in the city centre that will be in operation for the next five weeks. Located in the Central Park arcade the short term residency will display some of the most interesting pieces from the company’s Osborne Park warehouse.

Owner Catherine Hill shared with OUTinPerth that the business grew out of her personal love of classic Danish Design.

“I don’t know how to buy for other people,” says Hill, “Every time I go on a buying trip I just buy what I love.”

To stock the store Hill makes several trips a year to Denmark to source new pieces. To ensure that the stock ends up on the shop floor and not furnishing her own house Hill tells us that she and her partner have a strict “one in, one out” policy, so each time she wants to put a new piece in her own house, she has to relinquish something back to the store.

The classic simplicity and clean lines of Danish design is one of the many things that made Hill fall in love with the countries furniture but she also highlights that original Danish pieces are very well built and stand the test of time. Similar pieces may have been made by Australian firms in the 50’s and 60’s but they might not have lasted as long.

Hill highlights that one of the advantages of buying classic stylish pieces of furniture is that they fit well in both sleek modern homes and older abodes. It doesn’t matter if you move, your furniture will still look good in a distinctly different house.

Alongside the sofas, cool arm chairs, desks and sideboards Revival Hill also stock smaller pieces like lamps and mirrors and clocks.

Take a look at Revival Hill’s website to see their range or follow them on Facebook for the latest news. The Pop Up Shop is open until Friday 18th October.

Graeme Watson

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