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From inspirational to just plain crazy, here are some of the more memorable quotes that have been recently made.

“From [my] perspective, if I could have three wishes I’d wish for happiness for me, my family and everyone I care about, I’d solve world hunger and make gay marriage legal everywhere.”

‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, answers a fan question about what she’d wish for if granted three wishes.

“If there is a gay mafia that whacks people, then it’s the slowest mafia on Earth to move, when you look at all the enemies of LGBT equality who are out there, and have been out there for years and years and years.

“There is no gay mafia, but we are reaching a kind of a tipping point on LGBT issues.”

‘It Gets Better’ Founder and collumnist Dan Savage responds to a claim from journalist Bill Maher that the gay mafia was responsible for the successful campaign calling for the resignation of Mozilla’s CEO.

“I encourage even more diversity in the fashion world. That includes welcoming trans models to the runways.”

Supermodel Naomi Campbell calls for greater diversity in fashion at the GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles.

“[Homophobia] comes from ignorance and homophobes not being around enough gay people…I think straight men, especially in hip-hop, have this notion that a gay man is going to come and make them gay or try to have sex with them, and I always think that’s so weird. I just want to tell them, ‘Hey, they aren’t interested in you. You’re not that cute.’”

Rapper Iggy Azalea address homophobia in the hip hop world.

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