‘Supernova’ is a heart-felt drama with fantastic chemistry

Supernova | Dir: Harry Macqueen | ★ ★ ★ ★  

Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci) are central to this heart-felt drama. Partners for twenty years, their lives have changed since Tusker was diagnosed with early onset dementia two years previously. They are travelling across England in their old camper to visit family, friends and places from their past while travel is still possible.

As they drive through majestic landscape with soaring music in the background, secrets are discovered and their relationship is tested. Tusker is still writing his book but classical pianist Sam has put his career on hold to care for his partner and, unlike The Father which stars Anthony Hopkins, Macqueen’s film is more about the carer than the person suffering from the tragically debilitating disease.

There is fantastic chemistry between the lead actors. The couple argue frequently, as long term partners do, and Tusker is still cognizant and full of witty jibes even though he has some struggles and becomes exhausted easily. Firth’s stiff upper lip holds him in good stead he desperately bottles up his emotions and tries not to think too much about what is to come.

There is no denying the melancholy that hovers over their days, but real drama is generated when it is revealed that Sam and Tusker have totally different plans for the future. Tusker’s frustration is growing and he tells Sam that he wants to be remembered for who he was and not what he will become, insisting that you’re not meant to mourn someone who is still alive.

In writer/director Harry Maqueen’s own words: “Supernova is a romantic, original, modern love-story. It is an intimate, self contained tale that investigates some of the biggest human questions of all: how we live and love and laugh, even as we near the end of our time.”

Supernova will screen at Somerville as part of the Perth Festival from January 25th – 31st. The film opens in cinemas April 15th.

Lezly Herbert

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