Tackling stigma and ignorance, who deserves a GLORIA in 2019?

The GLORIA’s are now open for nominations, the annual awards ceremony highlight outrageous, ignorant and ridiculous comments made about our LGBTIQ citizens.

Celebrating their 10th year the annual awards ceremony is organised by NSW politician Penny Sharpe, and the awards are given out in a fun evening that raises money for charity.

Awards are given out in the categories of media, religion, anonymous idiots, politics and sport (short odds on that category this year) Plus there’s also an award for a the silliest comment made by our own community and there’s recognition for a Good Gloria – a positive comment that someone has said.

Last year’s winners included Political Posting Mumma – Marijke Rancie, Lyle Shelton, Malcolm Turnbull, Milo Yiannopoulos, and everyone who got upset about getting a text message about marriage equality.

The awards will be announced on 25th September. Head to the GLORIA website to submit your nomination

OIP Staff