Named & Shamed – The 98 Against

For those of you feeling frustrated by the recent loss for same-sex marriage rights in Federal Parliament, a recently emerging site provides all of the details of politicians who opposed the bill.

The 98 against website names and shames every politician who opposed the bill, and also provides a picture, as well contact details ranging from twitter pages to phone numbers. The creator Charlie Gleason felt prompted to start up the site shortly after the announcement that the Bill had floundered –

‘On Saturday night I saw Brendan Maclean’s tweet on the turn of events in Parliament during the week. “Today, another disappointment for same sex marriage. So when it passes, and it will, let’s not forget those who opposed it for far too long.”

‘It really struck a chord with me. I’ve long felt frustrated with those who quietly vote against equality, and I thought the best way to call them out is to give people an opportunity to talk to them. I wanted to give our frustrated community, our frustrated friends, and our frustrated families a place to find their contact details, see their photos, and recognise their names. Hopefully it will spur people reach out and to talk to their local representative, or to become more actively involved in local politics.’

A web designer by trade, Gleason spoke of the huge response –

‘The response has been overwhelming – Dr Kerryn Phelps tweeted about it, Rodney Croome got in contact, and a huge number of people emailed through suggestions, corrections and high fives.’

You can visit the site and contact ‘against’ politicians at

Nadine Walker

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