The Court and Connections targeted by COVID-19 fake news

A fake news report has circulated overnight suggesting that a person who visited The Court Hotel and Connections Nightclub on Friday 13th March subsequently tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The online report, which is not from a reliable news provider, circulated on social media and several people highlighted it to OUTinPerth.

Both venues has confirmed there is no truth to the report. Neither The Court or Connections have been contacted by the Health Department regarding patrons potentially being exposed to the coronavirus.

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the latest government recommendation is public gatherings inside should be limited to 100 people, while outside gatherings remain capped at 500 people.

Following the announcement both venues declared they would be temporarily shutting down their operations. However, later in the day, as more detailed information was provided by the government, The Court announced it would be able to continue trading, albeit via a significantly different model of operation.

The latest information on the COVID-19 coronavirus is available from the official WA Health Department website. There is also excellent and reliable coverage from the ABC. The WA AIDS Council has also shared some helpful fact sheets about dealing with the virus.

Graeme Watson 

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