The Court Hotel defiantly stakes its rainbow colours

The Court Hotel has responded to community concerns that the venue was no longer a welcoming environment for LGBTIQ+ people by painting a bold new rainbow across the front of the pub.

Earlier this week a petition called on the venue’s management to address growing concerns about safety and homophobia within the venue – or remove the iconic rainbow from the front of the building.

General Manager Neil O’Connor has pledged to address people’s concerns about an influx of new revellers to the recently renovated venue who allegedly do not show show respect to people’s gender and sexuality. O’Connor told OUTinPerth on Monday that the venue would have more security guards, make them more visible and deploy more staff to focus on respectful behaviour.

The venue has also made a bold statement about its identity as an LGBTI venue by painting a new rainbow across the front of its main bar.

OUTinPerth noticed the painters hard at work this afternoon adding the colourful new artwork ahead of their regular Wednesday night event Drag Factory.

OIP Staff