‘The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone’ is coming to Netflix

Georgie Stone

Following its World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, and screening at Revelation: The Perth International Film Festival, the new short doc from Director Maya Newell, The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone will launch on Netflix global platform on September 22nd.

Made over six years, the short documentary was created by director Maya Newell, who previously had success with Gayby BabyNewell said she’s excited that the film will allow lots of people an insight into transgender lives and health care.

“With the rights of trans youth being targeted in many places across the world, we hope Georgie’s story offers strength to trans and gender-diverse people everywhere. We are thrilled that the film will be on offer to twenty-two million Netflix subscribers this Sept 22nd, and that we can spread the love of this beautiful family, and the benefits of the successful Victorian model of health care and support globally.”

Spanning nineteen years, The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone takes us into the intimate world of trailblazer Georgie Stone, an Australian transgender teen, as she helps change laws, affirms her gender and finds her voice. As Georgie emerges into adulthood, she can finally imagine, hope and dream of her future self.

OUTinPerth spoke to Georgie Stone about the film earlier this year.

The 27-minute film covers several years of Stone’s life but it’s creatively structured delivering her journey in a non-linear style. The work a result of allowing filmmaker Maya Newell to follow her through some of the most intimate moments of her life.

“She’s a wonderful person and really incredible filmmaker.” Stone says of Newell.  “It was very collaborative. She approached me when I was 14, and at that point there was really no plan. She was just going to film and follow us around and see how it went.

“There was quite a few years of just filming without any plan, but once it came time to start crafting the story and thinking about the story we wanted to tell and how it would be structured, it was an incredibly collaborative process.

“I felt really safe with her, and I knew that I had a voice in the process. I’m a creative producer on the film, so I really felt like I had agency.” Stone said.

Take a look at the trailer for the documentary and see it in full on Netflix this week. 

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