The Greens release LGBTIQ related policies

The Australian Greens have announced a range of policies aimed at achieving equality for all LGBTIQ+ people.

Liberty Cramer, the Greens candidate for the seat of Swan, said the policies covered a wide range of issues.

“The Greens policies will mean LGBTIQ+ people have the right to be free from discrimination, have autonomy over their bodies, and have access to holistic and comprehensive health services and secure housing,” Cramer said.

“LGBTIQ+ people continue to face many challenges in our society, such as students and teachers being expelled and fired from religious schools and higher rates of mental health issues and homelessness.”

Cramer said she had experienced homophobia first hand and she’d decided to join the Greens because of their strong track record of LGBTIQ+ rights.

“Like so many other LGBTIQ+ Western Australians, I know what it’s like to face homophobia and not feel accepted.

“I joined the Greens because of their solid track record of supporting all members of our community, regardless of gender, sexuality, or race.” Cramer said.

“The Greens plan removes religious exemptions in federal anti‐discrimination laws, creates an LGBTIQ+ health strategy, replaces religious chaplains in public schools with trained, secular counsellors, and appoints an LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Commissioner, a Minister for Equality, and more.

“We especially want to stamp out dangerous sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts. We know from survivors that the ex‐gay and ex‐trans conversion movement extends beyond formalised ‘therapies’ in subtle and insidious ways. These change efforts pervade some religious communities, faith‐based organisations, schools and the counselling industry.

“The Greens plan will support survivors of sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts and their allies to stamp out these practices and fund $1 million for LGBTIQ+ faith organisations to build capacity for self‐advocacy and $500,000 into a public health and awareness campaign.

Cramer is standing for the Greens in the Division of Swan. The seat is currently held by the Liberals Steve Irons, but the seat has switched between Labor and the Liberals serverals times. It was former Labor leader Kim Beazley’s seat for sixteen years before he transferred to the safer seat Brand for remaining eleven years he served in parliament.

The full policy is available online

OIP Staff

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