They’re So Excited

It’s a long time since The Pointer Sisters were scoring hits on the charts, but what a string of hits they had through the seventies and eighties.

From sultry tunes like Slow Hand, Fire and He’s So Shy in their early days to their hi-energy mega-hits like Neutron Dance, I’m So Excited and Jump – the Pointer Sister songs are staples of the Saturday night soundtrack.

While they’re no longer at the top of the charts sisters Ruth and Anita Pointer are still spending their time touring the world with Ruth’s granddaughter Issa taking the place of older sister June who sadly passed away a few years ago. Ahead of their upcoming performance in Perth OUTinPerth spoke to Ruth Pointer.

Ruth admits the music industry has certainly changed since the ’80s. ‘I think it is a little different. A lot of it has to do with the technology too, you know, we didn’t have a lot of that back in the day, auto tunes or being able to make voices sound the way we want them to.’

The sisters (and granddaughter) are constantly on tour and bring their energetic performances to audiences around the world, Ruth says the secret of their longevity is healthy living, ‘The only thing that really attributes to us, which is really not much of a secret, is just keeping healthy. We try to eat the right foods and keep ourselves fit and we just try to live as well as possible.’

The sisters were last here just two years ago, a show that Ruth has strong memories of, ‘We performed at King’s Park and it was unbelievable. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place and we all had a wonderful time.’

Ruth’s looking forward to their upcoming show at the Burswood Theatre, ‘We like to have a good time on stage, the band is incredible. Our energy is up and… when we walk up on that stage, we are definitely ready for a musical battle. I love performing I’m So Excited. I love performing He’s So Shy and I love performing Neutron Dance.’

The Pointer Sisters play Burswood Theatre November 7, 8pm.

Graeme Watson