Thievery Corporation mix musical styles for maximum success

Thievery Corporation | Metro City | 8th March 2018 | ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Thievery Corporation’s musical style is hard to pin down, the constant factor in their output is a mash up of many different styles, an intricate melting pot of dub, reggae, hip hop, Brazilian Bossa Nova beats and down-tempo chill out.

The most impressive part of the bands live show is the sheer number of singers they bring along on the tour. Altogether there were six vocalists. Mr Lif, Frank Orrall, Puma, Racquel Jones, Natalia Clavier and LouLou Ghelichkhani each took turns having a moment in the spot light.

One of the highlights of the show was Frank Orrall’s rendition of The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter. The song is sung by Talking Head’s front man David Byrne on the original recording, but Orrall made it his own, sliding around the stage, and building to a crescendo where he swung a light bulb across the audience.

On another tune guitarist Rob Myers picked sat down on a couch, picked up a sitar and brought a moment of transcendence, as guitarist Ashish Vyas sat at the front of the stage playing his bass, the two echoing back and forth.

LouLou Ghelichkhani delivered smooth vocals as she grooved around the stage, while Natalia Clavier showcased some powerful soul sounds. Raquel Jones, who features on the band’s most recent album The Temple of I & I brought some serious attitude and style from Kingston Town.




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