Woman sues New York; demands child back from gay foster mum


A police officer from the UK is taking the state of New York after her baby was placed in foster care as a result of the child being abandoned in a hotel room.

42-year-old Louise Fielden was arrested over eight months ago, being accused of leaving her 5-month-old son in a hotel alone while holidaying in the United States.

Ms Fielden claims she was physically and verbally assaulted by police – who were responding to a call from social services – during the arrest. Fielden is asking for £30 million in compensation, as the charges against her have since been dropped.

Ms Fielden is also disappointed with the care her son Samuel is receiving in foster care, expressing concern that he had been left with a woman who supports LGBT rights.

According to US media, the foster mother is Susan Sena – founder of SWISH (Straight Women in Support of Homos).

Ms Fielden says that her son being cared for by Ms Sena is counter to her beliefs.

“As a devour conservative member of the Church of England, my family values are totally on the other side of the spectrum as SWISH’s, and I do not wish my son to be cared for by any member of that organisation, let alone its president,” Ms Fielden told media.

Ms Fielden said that Ms Sena goes by the nickname ‘Queen Hag’, and finds it entirely unsuitable that Sena may have once attended a queer party that honoured a gay porn star.

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