Voix de la Ville Invited to Mardi Gras

BarBitchChewArt_1Image by David Collins

Avant-garde theatre collective Voix de la Ville have been invited by Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to take their alt-queer arts party to for a one night only performance on March 1st at The Basement of the Oxford Street Art Factory.

Featuring the internationally reputed performance artists Strykermeyer and Ash Baroque the ‘Bar Bitch Chew Art’ party will bring their show that focusses on youth culture, and it’s dependency on technology, the relationship between the ego and the spirit, from feminism to queer art punk and beyond to Sydney.

Teaming up with Ash Baroque and Strykermeyer for the event will be world class performers to invoke a mind-bending maelstrom of unhinged hallucination and fierce exact satire will be Betty Grumble, Sara Pax, Matt Format, Aaron Manhattan, Glamour Puss (and more to be announced.)

The collective highlighted that they have only been able to head to Sydney through the support of Mardi Gras and the generosity of local organisation Deeper Love and funding partner Patrick Coward.

Check out the teaser video below for a insight into the collective’s work.

OIP Staff

Image: David Collins

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