WA Ballet’s ‘Genesis’ showcases the company’s overflowing creativity

Genesis Live | West Australian Ballet Centre | Until 8th August | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Genesis is the West Australian Ballet’s long running choreographic program where dancers in the company are given the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and step into the role of being choreographer.

Often works that debut here are developed further and presented as larger pieces at the company’s annual quarry season, so attending Genesis can give you a rare insight into the developmental process, while it often also shows the individual personalities of our favourite local dancers, letting us get to know them a little better.

Twelve short pieces are presented and they cover a wide range of styles of dance and show great diversity their choice of music, costuming and presentation. With everything from classical music, to Shirley Bassey and Tool in the mix, this show had something for everybody.

One of the highlights (pictured above) was Adam Alzaim’s Where Do I Begin which was set to the classic Shirley Bassey tune. Featuring intricate movement that provoked memories of a classic Janet Jackson videos and the latest Tik Tok memes, Alzaim and partner Mellissa McCabe delivered a performance that was tight, intricate, syncopated and mesmerizing.


Mathew Lehmann’s Behind Those Beautiful Eyes was a a gorgeous pas de deux performed by Julio Blanes and Claire Voss, it was filled with romance and tender sensuality. A slice of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 created a sense of great drama and majesty.

While Voss performed in Lehmann’s work she also had her own choreographic outing with A Thousand Times Good Night which was set to music from the film Romeo & Juliet. Here six dancers performance an intricate and flowing work that was filled with joy and whimsy.

Robert Bruist offered Polarity which was performed by Mayume Noguromi and Keigo Muto. It was an engrossing work that explored the idea of contradictions and opposing sides of an argument. Another of the many highlights was Brent Carson’s performance of Christian Luck’s Can’t Fight This Feeling, a powerful and empowering solo that was staged in front of a mirror, which made the audience part of the performance too.

Genesis Live is on until 8th August, get tickets at West Australian Ballet.

Graeme Watson

Images: Frances Andrijich

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