WAAC will begin World AIDS Day with a community breakfast

A World AIDS Day event will be held in Perth tomorrow, with an all-day activation in Yagan Square organised by WAAC (formerly the WA AIDS Council).

In celebration and acknowledgement of World AIDS Day – held annually on 1 December – the event will include a free community breakfast, all-day STI testing, health promotion and community services, and information stalls available to the public throughout the day.

Lisa Dobrin, CEO of WAAC (formerly the West Australian AIDS Council), says the day serves as an important reminder to encourage everyone to treat those living with HIV with respect and to work towards a WA community that is free from stigma and discrimination.

“World AIDS Day is a day when the community can show their support and stand alongside those living with HIV/AIDS, and to help end stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV, which is a major focus for us at WAAC,” Dobrin says.

“Our goal is to virtually end HIV and the stigma and discrimination faced by those living with HIV by increasing awareness, optimising the health and well-being of all, and improving access to health services and information.

“We would say to all West Australians to come and show your support and allyship by visiting us on Thursday 1 December at Yagan Square, or go to www.waac.com.au to learn more about how you can make a difference.”

A range of events will be held at Yagan Square on the day, including a free community breakfast, information stalls and a pop-up testing clinic which is free of charge.

World AIDS Day is held on the 1st of December every year to raise awareness around the world for people living with HIV and AIDS.

WAAC provides a wide range of services and supports that are non-judgmental, inclusive and easy to access including counselling and support services for people living with HIV and LGBTQIA+ people, a sexual health testing clinic for non-binary, sexuality and gender diverse people, a drop-in space for LGBTQIA+ young people, peer mentoring, health promotion resources and education, as well as free condoms.

These services are offered for free or at an affordable cost for all residents as well as international students.

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