Welcome to the Boomtown

Boomtownt-001The ABC’s new documentary series ‘Boomtown’ kicks off tonight. The show focuses on seven successful Western Australian business people including Bree Maddox, owner of The Court Hotel.

Alongside Maddox the show also spent time following car salesman John Hughes, iinet founder Michael Malone, fabulous fashion designer Ruth Tarvydas, scientist Professor Barry Marshall,  property make over specialist Sasha De Bretton and mining boss Mike Young.

Over six episodes the filmmakers spend time with each of the millionaires, it’s a few episodes in before the more fabulous characters like Maddoz and Tarvydas appear but it’s worth worth watching from the first episode to get an insight into how much hard work goes into each person’s business.

Watching John Hughes close attention detail in his business is fascinating, the car dealer has strict rules for all his salesman including the colour of their socks, and heaven help you if you’re caught leaning on a car in the showroom. The cameras catch Tarvydas as her fashion empire went through some of it’s most difficult days, Tarvydas showing what mental strength it takes  to battle through a crisis.

The camera’s catch Maddox and the team from The Court as they get ready for one of the biggest days of the year, The Pride After Party, and the challenges that come up when it buckets down with rain.

OUTinPerth spoke to Bree Maddox about what it was like having a film crew following you around for an extended period and asked why she signed up for the series. Maddox told us that she was reluctant at first but realised it was a great opportunity to show everyone what goes on behind the scenes at their favourite venue.

Boomtown airs tonight on ABC1 from 6:30pm