What’s a polyamorous relationship like?

You Can't Ask That

The ABC program ‘You Can’t Ask That’ is a riveting progam. Each week the program invites people from a marginalised section of Australian society to answer a bunch of questions about their experiences.

So far the show has interrogated the disabled, people who are of short stature, and Muslims. The answers provided have ranged from insightful to comical.

This week the program focuses on Polyamorous Australians, people in a relationship with multiple partners. Three different groups of people answer the questions Australians wanted to ask but were too embarrassed or afraid to ever ask in person.

What are the sleeping arrangements? Do you get jealous? Is every sexual experience and orgy?

Future episodes focus on fat people, ex-prisoners, indigenous Australians and sex workers.

Catch ‘You Can’t Ask That!’ on ABC TV at 9:20pm Wednesday August 24th, or find it on iview.

Interested in reading more about polyamorous relationships? Check out ‘Is Poly the New Gay?’ from the OUTinPerth archives.

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