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The OUTinPerth team spend all day surfing the web looking for the latest news and stories to share. Here’s three recent stories from other outlets that are definitely worth a read.

Grindr accused of failing to protect users from sexual predators, harassment

Triple J’s Hack program has highlighted that dating app Grindr has little protection for users who are targeted by predators leaving people open to experiences of abuse and assault. The report follows a recent episode of the ABC’s Four Corners which highlighted concerns about Tinder.    

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Could Covid-19 vaccines lead to an increase in HIV rates?

A group of researchers have raised the possibility of that some of the Covid-19 vaccines currently in development could potentially lead to an increase in HIV rates in some areas of the world. The vaccines make use of a modified virus called adenovirus 5, which has previously been problematic when scientists attempted to use it in a vaccines for HIV. Forbes have reported on the issue that was first published in medical journal The Lancet.

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Queer film ‘The Broken Hearts Club’ celebrates it’s 20th anniversary

Much loved queer film The Broken Hearts Club is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The story of a group of gay men who are members of queer baseball team explored the concept of ‘found family’ and lives of gay men in a post AIDS epidemic world. The film which was written and directed by Greg Berlanti featured an impressive cast that included John Mahoney, Timothy Olyphant, Dean Cain, Zach Braff, Billy Porter, Andrew Keegan, Justin Theroux, Mary McCormack, Jennifer Collidge and many others. Queerty has published a story looking into the making of the film.

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