Worth a Read: LGBTIQA+ news from around the internet

The OUTinPerth team spend all day surfing the web looking for the latest news and stories to share.
Here’s three recent stories from other outlets that are definitely worth a read.

Steph Lentz was sacked this year for being gay. It was perfectly legal.

The Sydney Morning herald shared the story of school teacher Steph Lentz, a devoted English teacher who came to realise that she was same-sex attracted. When she told her employer she was fired, and it’s perfectly legal because religious based organisations are expect from the relevant anti-discrimination laws.

Read the report.

Melbourne couple confront man who complained about the kissing in public

A Melbourne couple confronted a man who complained about them sharing a peck on the lips in a supermarket. When they took out their phone camera to record their interaction he allegedly assaulted them. The clip of the interaction has quickly spread of social media site Tik Tok.  Q-News has all the details.

Read the story. 

Taiwan-Macau couple win the right to wed in Taiwan

A same-sex couple who hail from Taiwan and Macau respectively have gained permission to wed in Taiwan. Same-sex marriage is allowed in Taiwan but only for Taiwanese citizens, and people whose home country has marriage equality. Ting Tse-yen and his partner Leong Chin-fai, who is from Macau, challenged the law and gained permission to marry. The legal exemption only applies to them, and other couples will have to embark on a similar legal process.

Read the report at France 24.

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