‘You Can’t Ask That’ answers questions about being a lesbian

The ABC TV series You Can’t Ask That is back, and the entire series is available on iView. One of the episodes in the series looks at the experiences of lesbians.

The sixth season of the show has eight unflinching episodes, featuring misunderstood, judged, or marginalised Australians answering the public’s anonymously submitted questions.

All of the new episodes, as well as the first five seasons, will be available to binge on ABC iview from Wednesday 28th April and sitting down in front of the cameras are Cheaters, Amputees, Former Footballers, Lesbians, Adult Virgins, Families of Missing People, Chinese Australians and People Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

In the episode about lesbians the participants share their wide range of experiences, answering don’t-hold-back questions like “Is it just a phase?”, “Did you try dick?” and “Do you hate men?”.

The participants also speak about their experiences of coming out which range from being kicked out of home, to fear of violence, and responses at the complete other end of the spectrum – where family members and friends were completely nonchalant.

Among women featured in the episode is LGBTI activist Sally Rugg. The Director of petition website Change.org was previously part of the team at GetUp Australia and one of the leaders of the push for marriage equality in Australia.

Speaking to The West Australian Rugg shared that she was a big fan of the show, and was excited about the chance to answer high personal questions from strangers.

“I really love this show and have loved it for such a long time. I’ve seen every single episode.” Rugg said. “I jumped at it because a lot of my work is about speaking publicly and putting myself out there, so I jumped at the opportunity.”

Log on to ABC iView to see the whole series. 

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