Zatanna, The Queen of Illusion, presents a new kind of magic show


Perth’s premier transgender magician returns to Fringe World this year with a brand new show and an exciting twist on the magic act. Zatanna, the Queen of Illusion, will be inviting the audience to choose what dazzling feats they wish to see in her totally improvised performance, packed full of close up magic, glamour and charm. We caught up with Zatanna to find out how she prepares to defy belief on the fly.

Last year you had two fabulous Fringe World shows – what’s different about this year’s performance?

Last year indeed I had a big illusion show and a mentalism show, but this year I wanted to try a new concept of magic show that has never been done before; an improvised comedy magic show! So the audience will decide what kind of magic they would like to see.
It will be completely different from a set act which is what every magician does.

How do you work improv into a magic show?

Well, that’s where it will be out of my comfort zone, as no one has tried that before, I’ll just have to be ready for any opportunity! I will let everyone know that itis not a big illusion show, a show with animals or a TV show. No assistants. No special effects.

Have you learned any new magic since we last saw you?

I am always working on new effects or perfecting some other ones. For me I always need to keep my magic fresh.

Which magicians do you look to for inspiration?

My favorite magicians are Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, Lance Burton and Derren Brown.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Fringe World this year?

As I will open the festival from the 20th to 28th I’ll focus on my shows first, but after I will go and see as many of the burlesque, circus, jazz and blues shows as I can… and the other magic shows as well, of course!

Catch Zatanna, The Queen of Illusion in 99% Improv, Magic & Fun at Rigby’s Bar & Bistro from Friday January 20 – Saturday January 28th (ex. 26th). Tickets available from

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