10 Questions with Hannah Conda

Hannah Conda

Queen of queens Hannah Conda is returning to Perth for PrideFEST, performing at The Court’s Rio Carnivale themed street party along with Havana Brown. We caught up with Miss Conda for a quickfire round of questions as she prepares for the big night!

What do you miss most from Perth?

I miss all of my beautiful family and friends first off. It’s so hard not seeing them every day.

I also miss the two homes for the gays, Connections and The Court.

And I am so very much miss Drag Box at Drag Factory. The debauchery that passes on that stage each and every time is something I miss incredibly.

What do you never leave home without?

I never leave home with out my phone to stay in touch with the world and it’s also a mean tool in avoiding people you don’t want to speak to. My Ventolin in case I get hysterical and have an asthma attack. Finally a packet of mints as there is nothing worse than bad breath.

What song is stuck in your head?

At the moment Angel Down by Lady Gaga. In fact her whole new album Joanne is stuck in my head! I live!

If I wanted to buy you a drink, what should I order?

100% Vodka Red Bull. If that fails, a delicate vodka, lime and soda is a real treat.

Do you think Ana Falacksis will finally win Queen of the Court this year?

Oh Ana, maybe 7th times the charm hey? Hahahaha. That’s a great question.

Where do you keep DIVA awards?

On the mantle, above the fireplace, inside of a gold plated box….

Not really. Just on top of a box shelf, next to my speakers, an aromatherapy candle and a bottle of Truvada!

On your last night at The Court you created an artwork by rolling around in paint… we’ve got new office are you willing to drop by and make some art while you’re in town?  

Hahaha!! You don’t need to ask me twice to get into my birthday suit and roll around in paint for a couple of minutes on a canvas! What a treat!

What’s the latest slang word that Drag Queens use (and what does it mean)?

Well I’m not sure about the Perth girls, I’ve heard “F*$k off Perri” is a good one in relation to Perri Oxide. But over here “girly” has been revived and is defiantly used to describe all things fun and frivolous.

Given a choice would rather perform to Peter Allen’s I Go To Rio, Duran Duran’s Rio or Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon.

So after much deliberation I Go To Rio wins out! I am a sucker for Peter’s flared pants, his penchant for ruffles and holding on to maracas.

How many outfits will you wear on Pride night?

Pride night at The Court is going to be wild. I feel there will be a few different outfits but you are all gonna have to come down to the Rio Carnivale Street Party to find out!  

Catch Hannah Conda at The Court’s Rio Carnivale Street Party on Saturday November 19th from 7:30pm. Tickets available from The Court and Eventbrite.

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