42 reasons why we love Connections Nightclub

On Saturday night Connections Nightclub will mark the amazing milestone of their 42nd Birthday, and to celebrate they’re taking a little inspiration from one of Broadway’s most famous musicals.

Kicking off the club’s birthday celebrations are the winner of Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sasha Velour, and cast mate Trinity Taylor. They’ll be on from 8pm to wrap up their Australian tour.
At midnight there will be some cake cutting by the fabulous hostess Barbie Q! Then at 1am a spellbining 42nd brithday will be staged featuring Barbie Q, Alexas Armstrong, Veronica Jean Jones, Felix Cane, Cameron, Alex, Brooke and Felicia.
Scout, Cinnamon & Kapitol P will be Djing out on the terrace, while in the main room Timbee and JJ will be on the decks. Come and hear those dancing feet.

42 reasons we love Connections

  1. Where else are you going to hear Mel and Kim’s Respectable playing
  2. You just never know what it’s going to look like, the lights are always changing
  3. The fabulous Miss Tracey
  4. The Men’s Only nights
  5. The Women’s Sundowners
  6. The mountains of fun that goes down at POP! every Thursday night
  7. The institution that is Lesbian Mud Wresting
  8. When we interview disco superstars they always remember it as the club where everyone is very nice, and they sit down on the floor when your performing
  9. Those times they let boys take part in the mud wresting
  10. Barman Ryan, so many photos that we just can’t publish
  11. The multi-talented Tobey, there’s no other photographer in town who can whip up a cocktail
  12. It’s one of the few places in town where strangers will chat to you
  13. Cinnamon, she never get’s angry no matter how many times we slip in references to her love for tropical house
  14. Feminem, the world greatest drag DJ
  15. The high quality drag shows produced by BarbieQ
  16. Mason Andrews, here’s here so often he’s like family
  17. Holiday Pete
  18. Dragathon – there’s nothing like a little competition
  19. Nana Neil
  20. Nana Neil’s bottle of red
  21. Veronica Jean Jones hosting Bingay
  22. The delicious disco selections of Mama Cass
  23. Scott’s outfits (and Scott himself)
  24. Roski’s enthusiasm
  25. the legend that is Tim Brown
  26. Holly and Oliver on the door
  27. Miss Delvira Midnight’s coat checking skills
  28. The things that go on in the photobooth
  29. The spray of BarbieQ’s water bottle
  30. Nona Kebab
  31. Flo Reel’s comebacks to idiots on the street
  32. Parties on public holidays
  33. When RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens drop by
  34. All the cocktails, especially the Watermellon Fay
  35. Cougar Morrison’s Fringe performances
  36. The occasional tree in the middle of the club
  37. The Proud Awards, its a night of nights.
  38. DJ Milly – endless love
  39. Getting freaky at Outerbody with the Gendermess crew
  40. Saturday night antics at Showpony
  41. Tomfoolery at Sideshow with Mistress BarbieQ and Karl Kayoss
  42. It’s our home away from home.

Saturday night is going to be huge, we look forward to seeing everyone there.  

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