Uganda want to stop gay couples adopting children from East Africa


Uganda is attempting to make moves to try and prevent same-sex couples from adopting children out of East African nations.

Ugandan Minister for State for East African Affairs Sham Bageine, says he does not want people from countries which have achieved marriage equality to be able to adopt children from the five states of the East African Community.

“Should our students be adopted by them? And because of that, if we say no then we don’t get aid? No, I don’t accept that.” Mr Bageine said, addressing members of the East African legislative Assembly in the Ugandan Parliament.

Member states of the East African Community include Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.

Uganda recently marked a year since the country’s anti-gay laws were struck down, making way for small, secretive pride celebrations to be held across the country in secluded locations.

Mr Bageine’s address to the legislative assembly can be seen below.

OIP Staff

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