Provocative gay app ads allowed to remain in Netherlands

squirt2Advertisements for a gay hook-up app featured around The Netherlands will be allowed to remain after a ruling from the Advertising Standards Board.

PinkNews have reported that the eye-catching posters around Amsterdam, The Hague and other major Dutch cities have garnered a number of complaints from the public.

One such complaint lodged with the ASB read; “Young children should not be faced with terminology such as ‘squirt’ and ‘cruising’ in conjunction with a picture [of half-naked men]” – while another accused the campaign of attempting to entice children.

The ASB revealed that they found the material “took the necessary precautions… in the context of good taste and public decency”, citing that the models were not “shown in a sexually provocative pose.” have previously had their posters removed from Canadian train stations when the Toronto Transit Commission ruled the advertisements encouraged same-sex attracted males to “break the law”.

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