Advocates urge politicians to hear real issues facing trans folks

LGBTQIA+ advocacy group Just.Equal Australia are calling on political leaders to debate issues that matter to trans people, including inclusive health care and reducing discrimination, instead of conducting culture wars at trans people’s expense.

Just.Equal spokesperson and trans advocate Sally Goldner AM has called on all parties and candidates to listen to trans, gender diverse and non-binary people and their families during the election campaign, before commenting on the issues that affect trans people.

The call follows comments by Prime Minister Scott Morrison regarding trans women competing in women’s sports and the reach of Senator Claire Chandler’s private member’s bill which seeks to exclude trans, gender diverse and intersex folks from sport.

Today the Prime Minister reiterated his support for the bill while welcoming Katherine Deves, the founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia, to the Liberal campaign. Deves will be the Liberal candidate for the seat of Warringah which is currently held by Independent Zali Steggall.

The PM said he was glad to have personally selected Deves as a candidate, and said he shared her views.

“Trans people want the real issues we face to be debated”, Goldner said.

“These include day-to-day basic rights such as inclusive and equitable health care, identity documents that affirm who we are, a reduction in the discrimination and violence we disproportionally experience and funding of trans-led projects.”

“We reject the constant raising of ‘faux’ culture-war issues that fail to take our interests into account and at times show blatant disregard for our health, wellbeing and lives, often in ways that promote ridicule and hatred.”

“It’s time to recognise that there’s nothing brave about attacking trans people, but that courage instead lies in addressing the real problems we face.”

Goldner and her team have also urged trans people and their family and allies to question candidates of all parties in depth during the campaign.

“If trans and LGBTIQA+ issues are important to you, find out where candidates in both houses stand before casting your vote.”

Just.Equal have also conducted a national survey of LGBTIQA+ people and allies regarding priorities, and are set to release the results shortly.

OIP Staff, 12-04-22 Updated to include Prime Ministers comments on Katherine Deves.

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