Alan Joyce pie-thrower fined over assault

The man who smashed a pie into the face of QANTAS boss Alan Joyce appeared in a Perth court last week and was fined $3,600.

In May, Tony Overheu hid behind a stage at business breakfast at Perth’s Hyatt Hotel. When guest speaker Alan Joyce addressed the crowd, Overheu pushed a lemon meringue pie into the business leader’s face. He later said his actions were motivated by Joyce’s public support for marriage equality.

Overheu pleaded guilty to charges of trespass and assault and was fined $3,600. His lawyer, Tom Percy, told the court that his client had been frustrated by business people using their positions to make political statements.

The court was told that Overheu regretted his actions and written letters of apology to all the individuals and organisations it had involved. He has also been given a lifetime ban from QANTAS airlines, been banished from his church and several family members had cut off ties to him.

Magistrate Greg Smith described the attack on Joyce as “appalling” and said it was clearly designed to humiliate the QANTAS boss in front of a large group of people.

“It would have caused shock, alarm and embarrassment to Mr Joyce,” he said.

“It was planned in advance simply because Mr Overheu has different views to those held by Mr Joyce and many other people as well.” the ABC reported.

The magistrate accepted that Overheu had shown remorse for his actions and recorded a spent conviction, so he will not have a criminal record or be forced to declare the conviction to anyone.

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