Alexis Arquette dead at 47


Alexis Arquette has passed away, aged just 47 years.

Arquette was an outspoken transgender rights activist and had a successful career as a character actor appearing in many mainstream and independent films.

The actor passed away early Sunday morning surrounded by family members. Arquette’s brothers and sisters include David, Rosanna, Richmond and Patricia. Many member of the family have made their mark in the field of acting.

Aquette died from an undisclosed illness surrounded by friends and family. Brother Richmond Arquette has told the media that they played the David Bowie hit Starman as Alexis passed away.

Arquette’s first film role was in the 1989 adaptation of Last Exit to Brooklyn, playing trans sex worker Georgette. Later roles would include parts in Pulp Fiction and appearing as a Boy George impersonator in the comedy The Wedding Singer.

In 2007 Arquette appeared in a reality TV show sharing the process of gender transition. Alexis Arquette: She’s My Brother exposed many people for the first time to the real life experiences of transgender people.

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